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rundschule im Beerwinkel

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13589 Berlin



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Instructional Film for "Commedia Dell' Arte"

We proudly present our instructional film about "Commedia Dell' Arte"
all self made by students of School No 2 in Kobrin/ Belarus 
and Primary School im Beerwinkel/ Berlin

Stolz präsentieren wir unseren Lehrfilm über die Commedia dell' Arte
inklusive Beispielen und einem selbst geschriebenen Schattentheater-Stück.

Mitwirkende: Schülerinnen und Schüler aus der Schule No 2 in Kobrin / Belarus und der Grundschule im Beerwinkel / Berlin.



Comment by Maxim |

I like these pictures very much. Our school is very beautiful. And we have a big school yard.

Comment by Maxim |

I like the papershop.We have 6 paper pieces.And the best paper is stonepaper.

Comment by Leonie |

I like Erasmus very much.The project is very good .I have always fun. It is very nice , I love it.
I learn how to speak.

Comment by Dustin |

I like the papershop and this project.
This picture of our school is beautiful.

Comment by efe |

The pictures are so coooool. Our school is so good and big. In our school we have an Erasmus+group. I like this. bye bye :)

Comment by mert leo and best friend and timo |

I like Erasmus very much. In the video is my best friend . The project is very good.

We liked the week in Austria very much. Skiing was fun.

Comment by Erfan |

I like it. I like our class. Our class is the best. I like our project and our video is nice and cool. I like my school. My school is the best.

Comment by michelle |

I like Erasmus very much.The project is very good.The papershop is very good.