Workshops and Projects

Our topic "From Papyrus to Stonepaper and Beyond - the Questions Behind" was created during our last Erasmus+ Project, where we got to know stonepaper and a first impression of "Blue Economy" - a different, ecological and environmental view on economy . We thought it worth to explore that in a new project.

To structure our vast ideas about it we formulated the "Five Pillars of Wisdom" - The History of Paper - Culture and Art - Ecology and Recycling - Economy and Stonepaper - Electronic Future.

This structure gives each school the opportunity to work on the project in their own pace and as their system, their surrounding and resources allow them. But in the end we will have a lot of wonderful results we can share.

One of the most important things in these Erasmus+ Projects are the mobilities.

As we are a big group of 9 unfortunately we have to share 100 possible mobilities. In comparison to the last project we had to cut the numbers of workshops in different  countries to meet other children and teachers  for  learning and teaching activities.  We tried to make the best of it: Each country either  hosts a  workshop with children or a Transnational Meeting

Workshops are in Cantù/ Italy  -  Parla / Spain -  Izmir /Turkey -  Berlin / Germany - Maarja Magdalena/ Estonia. Transnational Meetings  are in Athens / Greece - Noordwijk / Holland - Edinburgh / Scotland  - Barlinek / Poland.

There is a lot of work going on in each school besides the meetings  - small and big projects like the making of paper,  a common activity concerning the boat people on the Mediterranian  Sea, Art and Theatre and reflecting on modern electronic devices.

We publish  the results on this website  and invite you to comment on them.

Our main outcome will also be a handbook with examples from all schools teaching a foreign language with the "Storyline" method and also the planning tool " Teaching by Design".  We hope that this will improve our teaching and have an impact on our school development.

We will have 5 workshops in different countries where the students will explore topics  on paper together. The workshops are planned to have  publicly shown results  like exhibitions.

You will also find bigger projects of the schools which are special  and extraordinary.

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Workshop in Berlin 10th – 17th December 2017 „The Art of Origami“

Our Workshop in Berlin from 11th to 17th December 2017 was a really big success. We enjoyed it all very much!

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Fighting for the Enviroment and against the Nuclear Bomb

We are fighting for the enviroment and against the Nuclear Bomb in our workshop from 11th - 17th December! 
We will fold 1000 cranes, butterflies, birds, flowers and leaves from stonepaper ,  to create a tree of live and diversity  and remember Sadako!

Wir  setzen uns bei unserem Workshop vom 11. -17. Dezember  für die Umwelt und gegen die Atombombe ein! 
Mit dem Falten von 1000 Kranichen und vielen Schmetterlingen, Vögeln, Blüten  und Blätter aus Steinpapier gestalten wir einen Baum des Lebens und der Artenvielfalt und erinnern an Sadako am Mauermuseum!

Danke! Wenn ihr könnt, kommt doch auch zum Event am 15. Dezember  in der Versöhnungskirche oder verbreitet die Nachricht  - wir brauchen noch viele Passanten, die von den Kindern angesprochen werden sollen.

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