We will document our Transnational Meetings in Athens, Noordwijk, Edinburgh and Poland and their outcomes under this button.

Meetings - Transnational and Workshops

There are four Transnational Meetings and five Workshop Meetings planned.
While the first Transnational Meeting serves as a "Kick-Off" meeting where we all get started (Athens Oct. 16) is the second meeting about our progress, dates for the work and first training units on the topic - i.g. in Noordwijk (March 17) we learned about stonepaper and the paperless office. The third meeting will pull the results together and look (critically!) into the future with paperless schools and ICT methods to teach in schools (Edinburgh , Oct. 17). The last meeting will be dedicated to writing the final report which has proved to be rather difficult in the past. We envision ourselves sitting together on the computers and support each other when tricky questions appear (Barlinek, Sept. 18).

The workshops with children - always 7 days with 5 working days and 2 days for travelling - unite children and teachers from different countries in a shared project with an artistic or scientific outcome which can be shown in public. In Cantù (Nov.16) the children and teachers work creatively on presenting paper in a sculpture. In Parla (March 17) the participants prepare an exhibition in the townhall. In Izmir (June 17) they think and act about paper and electronic devices and have a panel discussion with students from the university of Buca.

Learning the art of Origami is the topic in the workshop in Berlin (Dec. 17) The outcomes will be presented in a public place and also be sold on the Spandau Christmas Market. In Maarja Magdalena (May 18) the children will connect with science and set up a paper workshop on paper and stonepaper in the Science Centre in Tartu - teaching the assistants what they would expect from a workshop like that.