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De Noordwijkse School

Hoogwakersbossctraat 14

2202 SP Noordwijk


De Noordwijkse School Profile

De Noordwijkse School is founded in 2006. We have about 210 pupils from the age 4-12 and 20 teachers. Our goal is to create a safe environment which allows our pupils to learn and develop him or herself with personal help from the teachers and respect towards other children.

We work through our atelier education on school wide topics and have an international oriented program for our pupils. We have a special class for gifted children from the age of 8. We use ‘Habits of mind’ to coach our pupils in their social skills.

The teachers of De Noordwijkse School develop together the innovatory education system which is unique in the Netherlands. Within our lesson plan we try to make a link with the community and combine this with developments in society. We stimulate children to develop themselves as much as possible within their own possibilities, both on academic and social skills. We ask concentration, perseverance, self-discipline and task orientation of our pupils. We stimulate creativity.

In the morning all children work on maths, literary, social skills and English as a second language. In the afternoon they work on our school topic and children alternate between classes and teachers. All teachers teach according their own preference and discipline. Together they teach a cohesive topic whereby children learn to focus on the topic trough different perspectives.

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