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We, 7 children from group 7, organised together a part of the ECO day at school, which was very fun to do. We had different things to do so we split our group into smaller groups.

  • We made a dance warming up for all the children and teachers, which everyone could follow
  • We sorted out how many hot chocolate we had to buy and arranged cups and parents to help us warm the chocolatemilk
  • A couple of us made a big poster to hang in the school to make children aware of wearing a hot sweater because the heating was off that day
  • We send a lettre on stonepaper to the mayer of Noordwijk
  • And of course we thought of how to welcome everybody in Dutch and English

During our weeks of preparation we sometimes forgot things but during the last week we made sure everything was perfect. We really enjoyed doing this big project and learned a lot from it.

As a surprise we got 4 IPads for our group to comminicate to our penpals paperless and to work on for school without using paper. After this present and bringing the hot chocolate to all the children the higher groups of our school got an interactive lesson from people working at DECOS. DECOS is a company in Noordwijk which is working completly paperless. They told us about there company and we spoke together if it is possible to use less paper in school.


Amelie, Dymph, Eline, Emilie, Marle, Olivia and Willemijn

Group 7

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