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WWII project - E-BOOK by Pupils of groep 8 of De Noordwijkse School

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In March the pupils of group 8 started a new project with book-creator to make a ebook about different aspects of WWII. They all chose their personal topic and worked to look for information on the internet.

When the pupils of the Edinburgh Academy visited Noordwijk we did a circuit whereby we visited the Atlantic Wall museum and the Engelandvaarders museum and had a drink at school where the pupils presented their ebooks to their Scottish friends.

In the Atlantic wall museum the pupils learned all about German soldiers who stayed in the bunkers in Noordwijk during WWII. It was a good way to experience the different sides in the war - Allied forces- occupying German Army and local civilians.

In the Engelandvaarders Museum we learned about brave Dutch resistance people who fled to England in little boats and joined the allied forces overseas The story was new to the Scottish school and was a good contribution to the general knowledge of all pupils about WWII.

The visit of 125 pupils from Scotland and The Netherlands got the attention of the local newspaper and they published an article about it.

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