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Showtime at School

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On Wednesday October 11, 2017, a group of actors go to De Noordwijkse School. All the children watched this show. The play was about a man, Ludvico. His brain was completely filled with stories, ideas and dreams. He did everything to clear his brain a little bit, but nothing worked. On a day he got a good idea: writing. And this was the subject of the show.

At the end of this show we gave them a nice drawing glued with origami animals. Also we gave them a very nice jar with self-made paper flowers in a lot of colours.

With the show ended we asked them a few questions:

  1. How long did you work in a circus?
    We don’t have a circus, but we work in several groups with actors.
  1. With how many persons are active in this show?
    We two are the only people in this show, but in the group and in others shows we are with more.
  1. How did you get this idea?
    We wanted to do something about books. At this moment it is childrenbooksweek in the Netherlands.
  1. How long did you train for this show?
    For the acts a few years and for juggling about 10 years. And for this show itself, a few months.
  1. Do you go to more schools?
    Yes, yesterday we went to Amsterdam and we will go to more places.

All the children liked this show very much. We laughed also many times. At the end we gave them a big applause.




Written by Lauren, Santana and Hjördis

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