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Visit Unicef Netherlands – January 2017

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Someone of Unicef came to our school and gave all the children from group 5,6,7 and 8 a lesson about people how escaped their country with a boat (refugees) She told us a story about a child that escaped from his land, we were all very impressed. She also told us about the rights of children because Unicef wants all the children to have equal rights. What all children actually need is water, health care, school, rights and relaxing & sport. Unicef tries to get children in a good school and a lot more… one thing you might want to know, when Unicef goes to a poor country they give a ‘school in a box’ kit. That is a box with all the school supplies you need for a school class of 40 kids and 1 teacher. 

To let everyone know we care about the refugees we made paperboats with the whole school. We put a message on the boats to show that we want to help them.

De Noordwijkse school

Group 8
Zoe, Felice and Nadine

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