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Workshop in Izmir - Papier oder Elektronik?

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Workshop in Izmir - Paper or Electronic devices?

The four children and 2 teachers had a wonderful time in Izmir. We worked hard on our topic but also had a lot of fun in the host families, at school and on the beach. 

Thanks again to all students, helpers, parents, teachers and professors from the University of Buca.

Questions and Structure of the Panel Discussion.

Explore the questions behind: Paper or Electronics?


Tasks and Questions for 4 groups:

  • Discuss in mixed groups,
  • come together in your origin group,
  • share your results with the others,
  • meet for a panel discussion (talk show) with audience!


Group 1: In this week we got to know different kinds of paper throughout the centuries.

  • What was paper good for?
  • Give a historical survey: Egypt-papyrus / Pergamon - parchment / China - invention of paper / Europe - paper and stonepaper
  • Prepare an exhibition with the material we have collected. Be ready to explain the making and the use of all kinds of paper


Group 2:  Discuss the following questions behind:

  • Do you think it is important to keep paper in the world?
  • What for - Why - in which kind? Give reasons!
  • Make a poster with your reasoning!


Group 3: In recent time electronic devices have replaced  paper.

  • Find and give examples and judge them.
  • Make a survey / table with short headings: helpful / waste of time / unnecessary / extremely good …..


Group 4: Look into the future: What do you think will happen to paper and electronics?

  • Paper or paperless?
  • Electronic storage or parchment?
  • Books for pleasure only?
  • Something totally different?
  • Sum your findings and reasonings up in a poster!




Workshop in Izmir - Papier oder Elektronik?

Diese Powerpoint- Präsentation über unsere Fahrt nach Izmir  wurde von den Schüler/innen  in der Schulkonferenz, der Gesamtkonferenz und der Gesamtelternversammlung  gezeigt und direkt kommentiert. Die Anweswenden konnten Fragen stellen und sich auch bei einer kleinen Ausstellung über Papier und Steinpapier, Papyrus und Pergament  informieren.

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I like it very much, this is very cool #gib#

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What a wonderful trip!

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I like the papershop and Erasmus+, this is very nice.

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#GIB#is a good school.

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izmir is very beautiful.I like it very much. The pictures are nice

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Izmir is very beautiful. This is sooooooooo good! <3

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I hope see you again. I love all.