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Visit to Hiroshima

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Dieter and Robert, friends of the project, visited Hiroshima in Japan in April 2019. They took some cranes  and booklets with them. Do you remember? We produced them for the workshop in Berlin in Dec. 2017.

The rows of cranes were hung up in the showcase of Sadako's monument and the leaflet  could be left next to them. You can detect them easily as they hang freely and seem to fly.  The white cranes made out of stonepaper were a bit heavy and let their heads drop - but maybe that is even more interesting!

So in the end  our work landed in Hiroshima and will remind all people of the world what happened in that town. Let it never happen again!



Freunde unseres Projektes, Dieter und Robert, hingen bei einem Japan-Besuch im April 2019 unsere gebastelten Kraniche aus Papier und Steinpapier  im Schaukasten auf, der vor Sadakos Monument steht. Sie  durften auch einige Faltbüchlein  dort hinterlegen. 

Sie werden uns immer an unseren Workshop im Dezember2017 erinnern und uns mahnen, so eine Katastrophe nie wieder zuzulassen.

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