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From Papyrus to Stone paper and beyond - Group evaluation

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This sheet should be used to encourage reflection and discussion on the project work in our Erasmus+ group.   It is designed to look at how our work will improve through the two years of the project work. It should show the progress we make and the advantages we can achieve.


Facts /  Expectations

Outcomes / Changes

What do you expect from the group work?


for your school

for the group

sharing ideas, communicating with other countries, learning new methods of teaching


How do you aim to connect your work in your school to the work in our group?



sharing ideas with colleagues, creating awareness of the students  in class for the project topic  of “paper” and for the project  - exchanging material and outcomes directly to  partner schools / at transnational meeting / putting main outcomes on the website


What do you expect from the coordinator?



transparent communication and support when needed , giving encouragement and new impulses to the group,


How would you like the schools which are taking part in workshops to distribute the outcomes to the group? 



by email, transnational meetings, on the website with ppt's and/ or short films and descriptions of aims and achievement  from all participants,

giving short reports to all about the  enduring results in  your town,


How do you plan to use ICT to enhance and improve the project experience for the group?



recording videos, photos, commenting on the website, e twinning


What are you expecting from the methods of Storyline and UbD for improving your language / teaching/ planning skills in the group?



raising students motivation for learning, becoming more secure with a new method of teaching, starting the new methods in all our schools, exchanging experiences and templates with each other,



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