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The Time Machine in Pictures

by (de)

Some pictures show the development of our storyline in Grundschule im Beerwinkel.

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Comment by Nele |

I like the pictures !!!

Comment by alex |

I like this video, this video is cool.

Comment by ferid |

I like my school my school Beerwinkel  and Erasmus+ is very nice.

Comment by Maxim |

The Time machine is a fantastic furniture.Ms Ondratschek made the Time machine with the Erasmus+ group.

Comment by Marvin |

The Time machine is very nice

Comment by virginia,azra |

The time machine is very nice.I like the time machine.The time machine is very beautiful.

Comment by Nele |

I like the Time-Machine!!! I Love the Detective dog VERY MuCH!!!!

Comment by P6K Edinburgh |

We love what you have done, it looks great!

Comment by 4d |

Erasmus ist toll!