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by E+

In November 18 Mrs Miller went to Italy again and worked in Cantu in the Via Colombo School with children on a storyline. It was a lot of fun and the children did very well!

In the German school we will have a day of teachers’ training on Storyline (11th March 19) where all teachers will find a new identity. 2 weeks later there will be a project week with all classes in school based on storyline. The topic will be the environment: Healthy eating, being a critical consumer, the 17 aims of the UN Decade, recycling and microplastic. For a whole week everyone will be a new person – and in this role they all can try to change their habits, find some actions and change the world.

Our Storyline experiences will be published in a handbook and presented on 8th May in a big conference at the LISUM, the teachers’ training centre of Berlin and Brandenburg.

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