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P6 | Storyline French Cafe

by (sco)

Building upon last year’s successful Storyline project, Primary 6 did a 7 week module using Storyline again which culminated in a French Cafe.  Firstly, pupils chose French names and Cafe jobs.  Secondly, they developed their characters. Thirdly, they learned Cafe vocabulary and phrases and performed some role-plays in front of the Green Screen to practise for their real cafes. They then produced menus, signage, music play lists, food labels and anything else they would like their cafe to have.

The cafes were a huge success with customers and cafe staff speaking lots of French. We even had euros to spend!  Pupils were entirely responsible for all of the food and drink with many pupils making ‘crepes’ and ‘gaufres’ at home. It was a fantastic opportunity to use French in a real life situation and was great fun.

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