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Edinburgh Academy: Erasmus Celebration Day

by (sco)

On  the 25th May 2018, the Primary 5 and 6 children took part in an educational and interactive celebration of traditions from three European countries. This included tasting some foods, listening to music, artistic recreations and quizzes. The three countries of focus were Germany, Italy and Greece.

When focusing on Germany, the children sampled authenic German pretzels and made their own drawings in the style of Dürer's rhinoceros. Afterwards they had the chance to ‘visit’ Italy and make their own pesto from scratch. At this rotation, the children also designed and laid tiles for mosaic coasters. At the final country, Greece, children decorated their own terracotta clay pots with geometric patterns. Here, they also used ingredients to make tzatziki dip and nibbled on Portokalopita, a traditional Greek orange cake.

The children really enjoyed learning more about these three countries, especially sampling some of the treats!

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