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Eco Committee visit to Biffa Recycling Centre

by (sco)

Following on from a ‘Paper’ themed Eco Day, the Eco committee from P5, P6 and Geits (P7) followed the journey that paper makes from our recycling boxes in the classroom. The children wanted to find out what happens to the paper that we recycle at school and visited the Biffa Recycling Centre in Broxburn, Edinburgh to see what happens to it.

The children were amazed by the size of the recycling centre. Once they had been given protective clothing and a safety briefing, they were shown around the centre. The children saw the lorries dropping off the materials which had been collected from the recycling bins and then followed the journey of the paper  through the sorting conveyor belts and into the compression areas.

Finally, we saw the compressed paper all ready to move on to the next part of its journey where it will be recycled back into paper and the whole cycle can start again.

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